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SU Showcase 2012 Video Competition Winners

April 27, 2012

  Event Wrap-up

Eight Showcase fellows were selected from entries in the student video competition. Representing both individual and team efforts, the fellows' original videos stood out because of their responses to the question: What should we do in the next five years to move toward a more sustainable world? All of the competition’s entries were screened during SU Showcase on April 18 in Schine’s Goldstein Auditorium.

And the winners are...
The two video competition winners, Anna Ebers, SUNY-ESF graduate student, and Ryan Little, Newhouse student, were each awarded $250 prizes. Following are brief descriptions of their winning entries and links to view their videos.

Anna Ebers, SUNY-ESF environmental and energy economics graduate student
Other team members: Saleh A. Raheem, VPA, producer and editor
Video: “Solar Solutions for Mexico”
A look at a not-for-profit development project in Jalisco, Mexico, that is working toward electrifying rural communities one village at a time. 

Ryan Little, Newhouse
Video: “Foam Pyres”
Putting into context the harsh reality of how excessive Styrofoam really is because of its longevity as a non-biodegradable material. 

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition...
Following are all of the other video competition entrants and links to view their videos.

Kelly Bancroft, SUNY-ESF environmental science graduate student
Other team members:  SUNY-ESF’s Laura Brown, Gino Dos Santos
Video: “Sustainability in a Bottle”
A proposal to expand the NYS bottle bill by increasing the deposit to 10 cents and covering more types of bottles, thus increasing the incentive to recycle, which in turn would reduce energy use and waste, and improve sustainability. 

Erin Corbett, Arts & Sciences, Newhouse
Video: “Just Say No”
A parody of the stereotypical anti-drug commercials, except this version says “no” to processed/mass-produced meat.

Paul Esposito, SUNY-ESF environmental communications and participatory process graduate student
Other team members: Evan Paschke, SU video art/physics major
Video: "We Should Know"
A didactic interpretation of the SU Showcase theme.

Michele Maciejewski, SUNY-ESF environmental science graduate student
Other team members: SUNY-ESF’s Mandy Sopchak, Adrienne Canino, Michele Hierholzer, Ang Sanu Lama, Andrew Greco, Laura Coberly, Xinde Ji, Megan O'Connor
Video:  “One Life, One Bottle
A proposal for a government policy that issues each child enrolled in public and private school kindergarten classes a reusable water bottle so that children are taught the responsible behavior of refilling with tap water instead of constantly purchasing bottled water. 

Malinda Masing, Newhouse, Arts & Sciences
Other team members: Mirrah Stoller, VPA, music composer
Video: “The Green Beans Food Cooperative: A Student Initiative”
Project Description:  Sustainability is about more than just keeping it green. The start-up Green Beans Food Cooperative is looking to keep it green by sourcing local, organic food to serve the populations of SUNY-ESF and Syracuse University.

Si (Phoenix) Wang, Newhouse
Other team member: Enyu Cao, SUNY-ESF
Video: “Eat, Pray, Love”
Details a recipe for homemade, do-it-yourself yogurt with the lowest carbon emissions as a result of using ready heating in winter and solar heating in summer.

Yao Xu, Newhouse documentary film and history graduate student
Other team members: Andrew Weigand, Architecture
Video: "Simple sustainability, yet no one really knows you!"
Presenting different perspectives of human beings who are trying to measure and define sustainability.

Tingting Yin, SUNY-ESF environmental science graduate student
Other team members: SUNY-ESF’s Idrissa Hamad, Xinde Ji, Taylor Wade, Hamidu Abdulai
Video: “Sustainable Development”
Introduces a campaign to solve the challenge of sustainable development through community-based behavior change on energy consumption and deforestation due to over-consumption of fuel wood in Yuhe, China.

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