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SU Showcase 2012 Documentary Series

We're bringing some eco thought-provoking drama to campus during the run up to the Showcase event in April with a four-film documentary series. The particular films chosen are not only well produced and highly recommended, they're also related to the SU Showcase "green economy" themes.

Admission to all of these zero-waste screenings is free and open to the public. We'll also have complimentary munchies and refreshments during the movies. So check out the lineup below, mark your calendar and bring a friend or two. We hope to see you at one or all of the showings!

Questions? Contact Will Wallak, 315-443-5587 or

Up next...

Waste Land
7 p.m.  |  Tuesday, April 17  |  Watson Theater
Cover of the 'Waste Land' documentary DVD.What happens in the world’s largest city of trash? Find out at the screening of “Waste Land,” a mesmerizing look at the extent of recycling that’s possible and the transformative power of art. A winner of over 30 awards and an Academy Award nominee for best feature documentary, the film follows Brooklyn artist Vik Muniz’s journey back to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. MORE...

Recently screened...

7 p.m.  |  Tuesday, April 10  |  Watson Theater
Cover of the 'Greenlit' documentary DVD.How green is Hollywood? Get a sneak peek at what going green in the film industry really entails. Director Miranda Bailey puts Hollywood's green commitment to the test as she follows the production of “The River Why,” which has hired a sustainability consultant to make the set greener. Bailey’s eco-documentary takes viewers through a well-intentioned, revealing and amusing attempt at moviemaking that treads lightly on the environment. MORE...

Addicted to Plastic
7 p.m.  |  Tuesday, March 6  |  Watson Theater
Cover of the 'Addicted to Plastic' documentary DVD.Take a break from midterm studying stress to get an inside look at the so-called monkey on our society's back: plastic. Huh? That's right, this seemingly benign stuff is the most ever-present material in our lives. So what eventually happens to all of the plastics we use on a daily basis? Find out during the preview of this entertaining and frightening look into our world’s addiction to plastic. MORE...

Power Surge
7 p.m.  |  Tuesday, March 20  |  Watson Theater
Cover of the 'Power Surge' documentary DVD.Feed your post-spring-break mind with a healthy dose of green energy insight. Get a firsthand look at emerging energy technologies, then you decide if we're on the brink of a clean energy revolution that can defeat global warming. Can technology solve the energy crisis? Yes, it can! Join us on this insightful journey to learn about the innovative solutions proposed to fix our energy problems. MORE...

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