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Creating connections all year

Get involved with SU Showcase

  • Connect YOUR course to SU Showcase and share your students’ good work with the campus community.
  • Take advantage of University Lectures and other major events to enhance your teaching.
  • Promote sustainability and climate literacy in your curriculum.
  • Check out our anchor events and let us know how they might relate to your course or discipline.
  • Tell us about other potential anchor events.

SU Showcase's new format for 2012-13 is designed to create sustainability connections throughout the year by engaging classes and holding workshops in conjunction with the University Lectures and other important academic events.

Faculty, courses and student groups from all schools and colleges are invited to participate in SU Showcase scheduled events being paired with campus anchor events. Or, create your own program related to one of these or other sustainability related campus event. We can help you design an assignment, a workshop, a service opportunity or a collaboration to suit your syllabus or organizational objectives. Funding and support are available to turn your vision into reality.

Questions? Ready to dive in?
If you've already checked out the SU Showcase schedule, please share with us your ideas on getting involved.

Dr. Rachel May
Coordinator of Sustainability Education

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